The Electronic Filing Process

The Division of Corporations currently offers electronic filing on the Internet for Corporate, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Annual Report, Reinstatements, and Fictitious Name filings. Trademarks and Fictitious Name Cancellations/Reregistrations can not be filed electronically at this time.

The Sunbiz E-File Account Service is not available for one-time filings.

To become eligible to file electronically you must first establish a Sunbiz E-file Account with the Division of Corporations. Please print and complete the Sunbiz E-file Account Application (pdf) and the Sunbiz E-file Account Deposit Slip (pdf). Submit both the completed application and deposit slip with your check (minimum $300) to the address noted on the form. Additional deposits for an existing account can be made by completing and printing the 'Sunbiz E-file Account Deposit Slip' and submitting it with your check to the address noted on the form.

A Sunbiz E-file Account is similar to a checking or debit account. Once an account has been established, a document can be submitted for filing. To file a document, an "Electronic Filing Cover Sheet" must be generated from an electronic filing menu which you access at our Website using your account number and password. The Electronic Filing Cover Sheet you create is then printed and used as a cover sheet for your filing. Pursuant to section 15.16, Florida Statutes, this cover sheet is what allows us to accept your document by fax in lieu of submitting an original filing. Once the document is received, it is then processed and your correspondence is returned via fax. Upon the filing of your document, the required filing fee is deducted from your Sunbiz E-file Account.

Note: It is important that you maintain a fax line separate from your phone line. Shared fax/phone lines may result in your not receiving correspondence.

Electronic Filing is not expedited service, but rather expedited delivery and return. Once received, the document will have the date of receipt as the file date with evidence of filing or rejection to the user within 24 hours.

When you need to replenish your account, please remember that the minimum deposit amount is $300 (each check submitted must meet this minimum). While it is not necessary to maintain $300 in your account, you must determine what is an adequate amount to keep on deposit. In order to submit a document for filing, you must have sufficient funds available to cover the required filing fee. Please always submit deposits with a deposit slip indicating the Sunbiz E-file account number to ensure that your deposit gets credited properly.

You may call the Internet Access Section at (850) 245-6939 if you have further questions.