OnLine Fictitious Name Registration

(This option registers a Fictitious Name Registration. You cannot use this option to renew your Fictitious Name or to form a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership.)

Welcome to the Division of Corporations Fictitious name Registration page. This site provides the convenience of online registration of fictitious names. While the vast majority of fictitious names can be registered online, a select few may require special handling that would prohibit online registration. If you should encounter problems or have questions that are not addressed within these pages, please call the following:

The Fictitious Name Section at (850)245-6058 with filing specific questions.

The Internet Support Section at (850)245-6939 for technical questions concerning the online application process or payment problem.

Payment options include credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express), check, and money order. If paying by check or money order, allow 3-5 weeks for processing.

Filing Fee to register a fictitious name is $50.00. You have the option to purchase a certificate of status for additional $10.00, or a certified copy for an additional $30.00.

Please carefully read the fictitious name general information section prior to completing and submitting your online Fictitious Name Registration. On this page you will find valuable information regarding registration under the Fictitious Name Act, including limitations, statutory requirements, expiration dates, and fees. In addition, at the bottom of each page of the Application for Registration of Fictitious Name you will find 'Fictitious Name Help' which will assist you in successfully completing your online registration. After you have reviewed the general information, select the 'Fictitious Name Registration' button to proceed to the Application for Registration of Fictitious Name.

Note: Online Fictitious Name Registration is available for new registrations only. Renewals can be filed online by selecting Fictitious Name Renewals under E-filing Services or Electronic Filing. Cancellations and Cancellation Re-Registrations may only be filed using the traditional method of mailing the appropriate form and fee to the Division of Corporations.

Online registrations do not post immediately, they usually post within 24 to 48 hours of submission.

An acknowledgement letter, and any certification requested, will be sent to the email address provided in the application. You will not receive anything through the US Postal Service. The email should be sent within 24 hours of the posting of the registration. All future notices will be sent to the email address provided.

DISCLAIMER-IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The registration of a Fictitious Name does not satisfy the Workers Comp Exemption requirements. To meet the Workers Comp exemption requirements, Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company must be filed.

A Fictitious Name registration is not required for a person's legal name, corporation name, limited liability company name, or limited partnership name. A Fictitious Name registration is not required as a pre-requisite to filing a corporation, a limited liability company or a limited partnership.

The name to be registered must be advertised at least once in a newspaper as defined in Chapter 50, Florida Statutes, in the county where the principal place of business of the applicant will be located. No proof of advertisement will be required. As part of the signature block the applicant certifies the name has been advertised at least once in a newspaper as defined in Chapter 50, Florida Statutes.

Any information you submit on a registration will be made part of the public record. All information will be available on the Division of Corporation's web site for public view.

Please verify the information you submit for accuracy. The filing information will be added exactly as you enter it. Once you submit the information, it cannot be changed, removed, cancelled, or refunded.

Need to reprint your check payment voucher? Go to the Check Voucher Reprint Page.